I’m a pretend-to-work-at-work-dad trying to become a pretend-to-work-at-home-dad. I am also the father of two boys, one who refuses to sleep and one who refuses to eat, and the husband of one exceptionally tolerant woman. We all share their house in upstate New York with an 11 year old, bowlegged, chain smoking, narcoleptic house cat and an imaginary leprechaun named King Brian. My penchant for obscure pop culture references, self-flagellation and an unhealthy obsession with my Microsoft Word Thesaurus plug-in make my posts practically irresistible at times. My claims to fame include once performing an emergency Brazilian with a glow stick, a Sugar Daddy and fabric swatches, being named to the 2003 Top 10 Most Butte-tiful People of Montana List and writing an episode of Lost, all of which are completely untrue. I write about all this here and at Strollerderby. I’ve got a heavy pour and you can’t beat the prices


13 thoughts on “Barkeep

  1. you’re one funny dude, but hey, you should really talk to your cat about smoking. it’s just not good for him. 🙂

  2. I heart Bill Murray too. Caddy Shack all the way.

    I read you are from Upstate. I am too.
    I friended you on NaBloPoMo. Feel free to message me where, and we can lament about the endless snowfall for the next 9 months.

  3. Is it the time of year we look at eachother and realize we don’t even watch winter sports on TV? What are we doing here? The leaves were pretty while they lasted.

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