I Gotta Have Faith And Mop Handles, But Mostly Faith

Two quick notes before I launch into my heavily worded “Wordless Wednesday” 1) My apologies to my many friends for my lack of comments lately. Hopefully I’ll get into the reasons for my reclusive nature for the last week or so in a future post, but not tonight. 2) I’m woefully overdue for updating my blog roll. Please send me your link if you’d like to be added, I’d love to include you. And now onto the pictures…

Adam spends a portion of every weekend at Christian revival meetings faith healing under the alias Jonas Nightengale. Stand up! Stand up and walk! You are healed! By the power of the Lord you are healed!

The Second Coming – Adam’s First Microphone. This is how it began for me. “…for unto you is born this day a saviour, which is M.C. Shadöe Jr. And this shall be a gang sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe rapping in swaddling clothes or footy pajamas, lying to his manager…”


I’ve never seen a child so upset that Santa brought the wrong Squeegee. He’s 14 months old. How can he tell?


When Adam was 6 months old he went off baby food and switched over completely to mop handles. What we save on groceries has been completely outweighed by the waxy build up on the kitchen linoleum.


It’s almost impossible to find pants in Adam’s size – 34×10.


18 thoughts on “I Gotta Have Faith And Mop Handles, But Mostly Faith

  1. I love a non-wordless Wednesday! I’m stealing this idea since I rarely participate for fear of breaking the “wordless” rule.

    Add me to the ol’ blogroll, will ya?! I’ve added you to mine.

  2. No worries about spreadin’ love to everyone else. It’s just been one of those weeks…er two weeks. Busy! Once again, adorable pics of Adam! The more and more I see him grow in the photos the more and more I see my own son shoot up (more out these days). Time needs to slow down!

  3. Ahahaha! I’ve done “wordless” Wednesdays with almost as many words as my other days. I figure, the Supreme Authority of Wordless Wednesdays can come on over here to Nashville and try to stop me from linking up if he/she don’t like it much.

    PS: I want to kiss his cheekies. That is all.

  4. I’ve been reading you since your “two turtledoves” post. Loving it! your boys are adorable.
    If you so desire, my blog can be found at nocommentcoyote.wordpress.com
    To add or not to add it up to you.

  5. Oh yes, I meant to ask about “wordless wednesday”. Is this part of a secret society, or is this something any of us (non parental type) bloggers can latch on to?

  6. I’VE BEEN HEALED – it’s a miracle – my grammatical errors have been excised from my blog – A – LA – LOU – YA! Thank you little man.

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