Two Turtle Doves: Our Christmas Card Picture



Our Christmas card picture this year of Jack and Adam. Details to notice 1) The double bruise on Jack’s forehead from slamming his face on the basement stairs and an unsuccessful attempt at tackling Adam 2) The matching Rugby shirts. I’m not a huge advocate of dressing the boys in the same outfit but Kathleen asks so little of me I felt this was a concession I could make 3) Adam’s teeth. 13 months old and the kid’s already got a set of choppers 4) The early formation of a vampire fang in the upper corner of Adam’s mouth 5) Adam’s red pupils. Irrefutable evidence that Adam is the evil yet lovable spawn of Satan 6) Though you can’t see it I’m tickling them with one hand while I snap the picture with the other. I know I’m their father, but good god these are a couple of good looking kids.

(Quick post tonight. I’d apologize but I think it may be a relief to many. Not to worry. I’ll be back to my epic posts tomorrow.)




16 thoughts on “Two Turtle Doves: Our Christmas Card Picture

  1. What a handsome pair! I didn’t even notice Jack’s bruise until you pointed it out. Adam does have a pretty full set of teeth there. He’s ready for some steak dad! Thank goodness my daughter had a few teeth at that age, or else breastfeeding would have ended. quick.

    LOVE the matching shirts….guys just don’t understand 😉

  2. Cute pic of the kids. Hey, there’s photoshop these days to fix the red eyes and bruises. 😉 But, from having two nephews, it’s not a sibling photo shoot unless at least one of them has some sort of “owwie” on their head/face.

  3. I am not a huge fan of matching attire either. I do love to coordinate the colors though. The matching shirts was Jack’s idea. He had a gift card for his birthday and picked out the shirts because they came in both of their sizes. He wanted to match. And he really asks so little that when he does I try to go with it.

  4. My sweet grandsons. Although I must say the shirts are the only things that are the same about these little guys. Different as night and day.



    I noticed Jack’s bruise and Adam’s teeth right away. Both because of Braden, really. He always has a bruise on his forehead (he’s graceful, like his momma) and he also has a great set of choppers at only 13months! He’s got a front gap, though. Hehe.

    To Kathleen: I think it is quite adorable that it was Jack’s idea to match. I am not big on the matching thing either, but I think I’d melt in two and hop on it if my kiddo wanted to do that. Little things to us can make their hearts soar, so why not do it? Your boys are beautiful, Momma.

  6. Yeah, man, you are their father, but they are goodlooking kids anyway.

    And ya gotta love that vampire fang … unless you’re on the receiving end of it. So does he have to work twice as hard as the other vampires?

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