You’re a Writer Charlie Brown.

lucy.jpgYesterday I received some incredible news that I wanted to share, but I also know that my experience with the intrinsically cruel nature of the universe would be that it would take me behind the woodshed and pelt me with my unhatched chicken eggs had I counted them yesterday. The news was confirmed today though and now I feel safe charging towards the football certain that the cosmos won’t Lucy Van Pelt it away at the last second.

“The news! The news! Tell us the news already; enough of your tired analogies and axiomatically annoying metaphors you handsome devil.” rises the collective ennui from the crowd. Alright then, so be it. Without further ado I would like to introduce to you for the first time anywhere (drum roll ensues)… the newest contributing blogger for’s Strollerderby!

Babble is a behemoth of an online parenting magazine and community and its crown jewel Strollerderby is its “Mother of all Parenting Blogs” and they like me, they really like and want me to contribute daily post(s) about issues facing the modern parent. (Thank you Karen at Lion and the Magic Boy for suggesting that I apply, Whit over at Honea Express for putting in a good word for me, and Rachael at Redsy for basically holding her breath until she ironically turned blue and got me hired)

I’m a little concerned about the mandatory pacifier nipple rings and Yo Gabba Gabba Tramp Stamp, but what I’m most anxious about is the influx of additional posts that I am going to be writing. I’m already NaBloPoMo’ing until midnight every night and now with Strollerderby I’ll be adding to that a minimum of 5 additional posts per week. I’m becoming as prolific as a Post-Modern Day Alexandre Dumas; a veritable Count of NaBloPoMonte Cristo. What am I thinking?

OK Bill calm down….deep breaths….I know this is dramatically shorter than the theses I usually nail to the doors of the Interweb, but it is getting late here on the East Coast, I’m having a bit of an anxiety attack and I wanted to resound my barbaric yawp across the rooftops of the world before midnight.



22 thoughts on “You’re a Writer Charlie Brown.

  1. C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S! That is incredible news! Now thousands of moms and dads can read about venereal diseases and Spiderman toys all in the same place without turning off the parental controls.

    I wish you all the best. You can make Redbull with dinner a new trend 🙂

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  3. I’m impressed!! Congratulations!!! I’ll have to check out what you’ve got to say over there too. Your sense of humor will be an asset to any parents that take themselves too seriously. 😀

  4. Oh, that is just EXCELLENT! You deserve it, you write WONDERFULLY.

    And forgive me for dropping this here, but there’s no place like the one your’e in! Or something.

    I know you had trouble, what with the cat’s ass on CNN and all, but I’d love for you to jump on the train that is Weekly Winners.

    We’ll be kicking it off as a joinable Meme this Sunday…

    Here’s more info:
    Weekly Winners Meme Info

    Can’t wait to see your first edition! 🙂

  5. Momisodes: Hey…I write about more than VD and Comic book heroes. I also write about …ummm…pictures that Jack draws that look like male genitals. So there.  Red Bull with dinner isn’t a trend already?

    PS: Hope you get the house!

    Mary: Thanks Mary. I may have to tone it down over there…or maybe not. They seem like a ribald group. Which I like.

    Sarcastic Mom: Yeah that weekly winners meme is still very confusing to me. Pictures and posting and ….well I guess that’s it. I’ll try again but if my cat’s ass ands up on MSNBC I ain’t trying again. Thanks S&M (sarcastic mom not the other one)…My first post will hopefully go up this week,

    Bee: Hooooooo

    Lisa: Until the day I die or at least until it starts to hurt too much.

  6. Wow!! Awesome news. Your writing is consistently outstanding, so I had a feeling it would be good news when you said recently that you had submitted something to Strollerderby. Well done, and well-deserved.

  7. Whoo-hoo!!!! What great news!
    I figured that would happen, given that you mentioned you’d made a submission. Knew you’d be a shoe-in; you’re an awesome writer. I look forward to reading your stuff/ writing/ hilarious ramblings etc. in both places, and everywhere else you go. Blog-stalker me.

  8. Congratulations… This is awesome News…. I have often thought about sending your blogs to different agency’s myself. You have a gift so let it shine. I’m sure there’s more to come. My dtr Kate has the ability to write as well.. So it runs in the family. I should send you some of her stuff she loves to write stories and not short storey’s…Books! Is this a paid gig ?

  9. Be glad they aren’t bringing you on board for FameCrawler. We have to hang out with Britney Spears all day. If I see another chalupa I’m going to puke.

  10. I hate to be a buzzkill, but Babble has been doing some scary stuff lately—regarding stealing photos of people’s kids and posting them illegally along with their articles.
    Sweet juniper writes about it here:
    Nerve Media, Inc. ("Babble") stole a photo of my daughter without attribution, acknowledgement, or permission

    I am truly happy that your writing has been recognized, but do you want to associate with this kind of an organization?

  11. redplanet: Thank you. I was surprised to get the offer. The posts will hopefully be going up soon.

    mitchmolk: come on…you’ll find the time 😉

    Karen: you’re my first stalker! I’ll always remember you.

    Deb: Send me some of kate’s writing, I’d love to read it.

    whit: Is chalupa another word for muffintop?

    thebutton: Thank you. I’m waiting to pop the champagne until my first post goes up.

    Moxie-mom: Really? I’ll have to check that out. I hadn’t heard that.

  12. michmolk: Now I’ve got it. You won’t add it for little ol’ me? Nice reference to Baywatch… you can never have too many of those.

  13. A belated congratulations! I’m only a week late – better late than never!

    Hope your kids are eating and sleeping better, so you can have more time to crunch out cool articles that includes cool toys 😉

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