A Sealy Posturepedic Bumper Crop and Adam’s First Haircut

justiceposter.jpgAdam’s first haircut was last night and all day today I’ve been mentally crafting this post in vain looking for the right approach. There was Jack’s first time propped up on a cracked vinyl booster seat at the neighborhood barber shop around the corner from our house, and how I arrived late because of work and missed the first few snips of the scissors. There was the predictable “my little boy is growing up” angle, the sadness of cutting away pieces of his infancy and revealing an early glimpse at the little boy he is becoming and the man he will someday be. And of course there was the pressure to make the story amusing, witty and entertaining because I can never take anything seriously and I use absurd humor, sarcasm and obscure, and oftentimes unsuitable cultural references, so that I don’t have to deal with emotions on anything more than a superficial level.

But to be honest, his haircut was just that, a haircut. I didn’t feel pride, loss, nostalgia, sadness, or even happiness; all I felt was tired. Exhausted actually and not just because since November 1st I’ve been up after midnight every night trying to fulfill the socially masochistic contract that is NaBloPoMo then rolling out of perhaps the most uncomfortable (bad for sleeping) noisiest (bad for sex when there are two children sleeping across the hall), misshapen (bad for rolling over. Ruts like you were sleeping in recently tilled field) mattress since the invention of the futon before 6am every morning. Maybe it’s got something to do with Daylight Savings, Seasonal Affect Disorder or just the overwhelming and suffocating patchwork of interminable shit I tuck into the collar of my shirt everyday like the cape of some despondent superhero.

So, in lieu of a long-winded story, submitted for your approval are pictures. Just pictures. Pictures that I will hopefully look at again someday as a way to temporarily reconstruct the pieces of Adam’s infancy and to fill my wistful heart with pride, loss, nostalgia, sadness, and happiness.

Well, the field hands tell me my bed is fleshly plowed, there’s a Justice League meeting tomorrow at 7am and I still need to iron my cape.









18 thoughts on “A Sealy Posturepedic Bumper Crop and Adam’s First Haircut

  1. Okay Bill, your boys are adorable – those eyes and those CURLS! Adam looks more little boy now, a little less baby. But still absolutely darling.
    “.. to fill my wistful heart with pride, loss, nostalgia, sadness, and happiness.”
    That’s what being a parent is all about isn’t it. Great post!

  2. What a handsome boy! The haircut looks great. And most importantly, it appears he braved his first haircut unscathed and tear free…having even hair and symmetry is merely an added bonus.

    Love the post. I will show my daughter his photos in the morning. One look at those curls and lashes, and she may consider younger boys 😉

  3. Dude, that’s some curly hair! We didn’t get Rosie’s 1st haircut until she was 3, but that would be a little long for a boy. That gives me an idea for a blog post…thx!

  4. Adam is very handsome with his new haircut! Granted, he was handsome before with the cuteness of baby. I love those curls! Now did you and your wife save a bit of his hair from his first haircut? My mother is encouraging me to do so when John gets his. I find it rather creepy to have a bit of hair stashed away in a photo album somewhere.

  5. Ok, Bill your slackin’ ! I haven’t had any pictures of the boys since Adam was born. I need new ones! Adam is too cute he looks like a Gathen but I think he has Kathleen’s eyes. What a beautiful family you have.

  6. Karen: he gets the eye from Kathleen but the curls are a patented Gathen trait. I miss them a little though  Wonder if they’ll grow back?

    Momisodes: He may be cute, but he’s a “bad boy”. You may want to rethink letting your little one fall for him 

    The byrd: oh but they wouldn’t do a thing!

    Sarcastic mom: We waited on Jack much much longer.

    David: no problem with the idea. Glad to help. 3?! He’d have quite the half-fro by then.

    Thebutton: we did save the hair. We are the creepy type.

    Lisa: Stinken & Cute to be exact

    Whit: you know it whit.

    Deb: More pictures in the future, I promise. Thanks for compliment. Thank god I’ve got Kathleen to soften their features up a bit.

  7. moxie-mom: He’s a heart breaker and a tremendous flirt. I wonder where he gets that from. Seriously…I wonder…cause it ain’t from me.

  8. Two beautiful grandsons. What more could a Nana ask for!!! He is adorable. Now I am sorry I did not watch the little guys this morning instead of Pops. He will call me and tell me all about Adam’s haircut. Oh! and Yes Bill the curls will grow back. Not to worry.

    Love Mom

  9. Mom: Pops played time machine with them for 1/2 an hour while we went to the conference. Jack got all good marks so far. And the curls will NOT come back if I have anything to do with it. 🙂

  10. Hi, I came over from NaBloMoFo. I love your style of writing. You write just like I do, if I was any good at it. Congrats on your Internet writing position you acquired recently–or should that be commiserations?

    I’ll definitely be back, I’ve enjoyed reading it’d be such a shame not to.

  11. Siobhan: I love that name … Siobhan. I’ll be heading over to TackLuck to read some of your posts. I’ll take the commiserations at this point….it’s a lot of writing. I know …crybaby I am. I look forward to seeing you around the comment board 🙂

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