World of Arts & Crafts

256px-wow_box_art1.jpgWe were visiting our friends in Ballston Spa last Sunday and their 10 year old son Jonah asked me if Jack could watch him play World of Warcraft. Being 87 years old I had never heard of World of Warcraft and haven’t honestly played a video game since my Nintendo broke back in college and we couldn’t play Super Mario Brothers anymore.

I said to Jonah, “You want him to watch you play World of Witchcraft?” He huffed as 10-year old boys will sometimes do and said, “No …World of Warcraft! It’s a Player vs. Player computer video game I play with my friend!” I shook my head, “So you want Jack to watch you play Witches of Arts & Crafts on the computer with your friend? Is he here? I didn’t even see a car pull in the driveway?” Jonah stamped his foot and 10 year olds will sometimes do and said through gritted teeth, “It’s World of Warcraft and my friend plays from his house! He doesn’t have to be here to play!” I turned to Jack and asked him, “Jack, do want to watch Jonah play Witches of Eastwick with his imaginary friend?” Jack, of course, said yes. Jonah, of course, suffered a temporary brain aneurysm.


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