My Dream Job: Whatever I see next

poopfreezone2.jpgIn a household of Yankee fanatics somehow, someway, the Detroit Tigers have become Jack’s favorite baseball team. He tells me that he wants to be a DH and that he definitely doesn’t want to play a position in the field except for maybe a pitcher. When I told him that pitchers don’t hit in the American League he said he definitely didn’t want to be a pitcher. (Despite having a rocket for an arm with surprisingly accurate location… for a 4 ½ year old that is)

He also told me the other day that he wanted to be a boxer. And then we saw the mailman and he told me he wanted to be a mailman. At that point I’m sure if the next thing he saw was a dog using our front lawn as a toilet he would have said he wanted to be a dog when he grew up.

He also mentioned that he wants to be a dinosaur when he grows up. I checked the classifieds for him on Sunday and there aren’t too many positions out there for a welterweight-power hitting-letter delivering-Tyrannosaurus Rex. He sounds about as sure of what he wants to be when he grows up as I am. And though it does sound like fun to be a dinosaur I’d like to know a little more about salary range, insurance coverage and retirement plan options before I register for an online dinosaur correspondence class. And if that doesn’t work out maybe I’ll just try pooping in the grass.


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